Why outrage over shrinking Chocolate Orange could signal a packaging reduction tsunami

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Chocolate lovers are outraged that the Yorkshire-born Terry’s Chocolate Orange has shrunk by 10 percent, despite the price remaining the same. Owners Mondelez say it’s down to the cost of ingredients, but as more and more brands reduce their pack sizes, our experts think there might be other factors at play…

‘Packaging prices are driving brands to create smaller packs’

Gillian Garside-Wight, packaging director

Over the last few years, portion sizes have been high on confectioners’ agendas, so we’ve seen many of our favourite treats down-sized. But with cases like this, cost rather than conscientiousness is more likely to be the culprit.

We've seen packaging prices in general rise post Brexit and in a tough and highly competitive market where shoppers vote with their feet, the last thing brands want to do is pass these costs on to customers.

As such, we predict a tsunami of packaging reduction projects, with smaller packs and more innovation designs to prevent costs being passed on to the shopper. There has been talk of brands and retailers reducing pack sizes but selling at the same price, as Mondelez have done, when actually, there’s a lot more you can do with packaging to reduce costs without the consumer losing out.

Today’s consumers are very much focused on value, so any brand needs to approach cost saving very sensitively to retain their customers’ loyalty.

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