Why focusing on customer needs means Sunrise never stands still

* 2 min read

Our digital team created our smart product management software Sunrise based on years of experience working with big name brands and retailers. Here, product owner Robert Quigley explains how this insight makes Sunrise different from the competition, and why we’re constantly looking for new ways to help our clients work smarter. 

Online Asset Approval systems are an essential tool for managing multiple brands, sub-brands and product ranges. In the case of packaging, this is further complicated by the complexities of different markets, languages, variants and pack formats.

Marketing and Packaging teams spend a considerable amount of time liaising with various stakeholders and external partners to coordinate data collection and creative inputs in order to ensure assets are created correctly and on-time.

There are many existing software solutions in the market. So, what makes Sunrise different and why should you choose it?

We recognised that our customers all have their own unique business process challenges and want to work in specific ways. Rather than impose an application that forces you to adapt your business processes to fit, we wanted to develop a tool which was completely flexible to meet these bespoke needs, as well as being quickly adaptable as when things change. In fact, Sunrise is so adaptable that, using the inbuilt business process management tools, our customers have been able to customise it for everything from traditional packaging artworks processes, to the creation of global television commercial campaigns.

But this is just the start of the story. When we created Sunrise we also completely overhauled our approach to software development. We regularly engage with all our customers to understand their needs, and then unlike many of our competitors, release new features every few weeks. This means that when you select Sunrise, not only will you have a voice in shaping the direction of the application, you’ll always be safe in the knowledge that you are benefiting from the latest tools and capabilities as soon as they are available.

In December Sunrise will further leverage our Microsoft Gold Partner status to improve our collaboration and analytics capabilities by integrating with Office 365. Sunrise will add the capability to directly connect to documents stored in SharePoint or OneDrive, while simultaneously prompting multiple stakeholders to complete them collaboratively, further reducing the effort in coordinating data collection and consolidation.