3 tech innovations that could seriously upgrade your health

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We’re changing. With a growing obsession around ‘betterment’ it looks like this buzz word will be sticking around.

We’ve noticed a health tech surge…with global tech companies focused on developing betterment solutions, such as innovations that help us to eat better, exercise smarter and sleep better. Introducing technology helps consumers take responsibility and take a more active role in managing their own health and wellbeing.

1. Sun protection at your fingertips

L’Oréal’s UV Sense device is a battery-free wearable tiny adhesive button that can be applied to sunglasses or fingernails and measures UV exposure. The tiny sensor is reusable and re-adhesive and works with an accompanying app that syncs and translates the data to help users determine when they should be mindful of UV exposure. A global launch is planned for this year with a rumoured launch price of £30. 


2. From fridge to Family Hub

Samsung’s SmartHub 3.0 is a next generation smart fridge that syncs with other smart home devices. Not only does it help you see what food you have and offers up suitable recipes, personalised to suit dietary requirements and food expiration dates, but it can show you who is at your front door, adjust your thermostat and check on a sleeping baby in the next room…all via the refrigerator screen. Samsung has positioned this enhanced model as helping to ‘manage food, family and fun’ to create a new Family Hub.

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3. Deep sleep science

A good night’s sleep is a challenge for most of us with nearly 40 percent of people aged 25-54 getting less that the recommended seven hours of sleep a night. Royal Philips, a global leader in health technology, have developed their SmartSleep wearable solution to give us just that. They have developed a ‘clinically proven’ device that looks like a headband and detects brain activity. When you enter deep sleep mode, it produces customised audio tones to enhance your rest. It links to an app which logs data and provides tips and advice over time.