Top 5 ... mineral waters

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Boxed Water

The Boxed Water Is Better company does exactly what it says on the… box. The pack borrows from  fresh fruit juice and adopts a box rather than a bottle as its carrier of choice, in line with its positioning as part sustainable water company, part art project and part philanthropic project pioneering water to be packaged in 100 % recycled cartons. The design is simple and effective with a strong typeface and water droplet logo, each carton showing its clear message ‘boxed water is better’. Currently you can only get Boxed Water in the US, but considering the boxes are shipped flat before being filled, it is considerably more efficient than shipping plastic or glass bottles, so we hope to see them in the UK soon.

Willow water

Nearer our neck of the woods, Willow Water is sourced from Cartmel in the Lake District. As well as having a unique heritage, tracing its routes back to the 12thcentury when it was discovered by the Augustinian Monks, the branding is more in line with the category. A clear bottle features a willow leaf that hangs over a backdrop of the Cartmel fells, where the water collects its nutrients. A standout feature is the leaf design that is also moulded into the bottle.


This water comes directly from Birch trees and is the next so-called “superdrink” after coconut water. It has been associated with having anti-inflammatory effects, reducing cholesterol and blood pressure too. Sibberi is the the biggest brand in the birch water space at the moment and is beautifully packaged in small glass or plastic bottles with the brand’s fun, colourful, laser printed logo design on each.


Although clear, and labelled as ‘organic water’, Koa isn’t technically water at all, it’s Olakino, a juice comprised of fruits and vegetables. Olakino, which the company says means “the healthiest part of fruit,” is made from fresh-pressed pomegranates, bamboo, mint, lime, amla fruit, annatto, guava, holy basil, red sea lettuce, lemongrass, carrot, and lemons. During a centrifugal filtration process it turns clear and loses its sugar and calories on the way. It’s included in this round up because the bottle is 100% biodegradable, and it’s logo has a certain standout factor.


There’s no question BLK breaks the mould in the water category – it’s black, and all natural. The pack and branding are pretty simple, and rely heavily on the colour of the liquid to create cut-through. The product itself is packed full of fulvic plant minerals and electrolytes to give it the black colour. While it’s distinctive, it’s definitely love-it or hate-it when it comes to design. It could either be confusing and off-putting – clear = purity in this aisle – or it could be gripping – it’s colour could make it a fashionista choice or a flag that you’re in the know! However you feel about it, we wish it well!