Packaging solutions for the omni-channel world

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As Julie Hall, our Sales Director, mentions in her recent article in the 2015 Packaging Yearbook, the role of packaging has evolved beyond a receptacle for the product. This evolution is primarily down to advancements in technology, which has been driven by the increasing demands of omni-channel customer experience.

In the book ‘The New Rules of Retail’, which is referenced in Vend’s retail trends for 2015, authors Robin Lewis and Michael Dart suggest that if retailers truly want to provide compelling shopper experiences, they need to take more control of how their products are manufactured, marketed, and distributed. One aspect of this is to have complete control over their value chain, from creation all the way to consumption.  

In her article Julie states that interactivity is essential for today’s packaging. This goes beyond technology, through the likes of AR or QR codes and beyond the physical pack you hold in your hand. Consumers need to feel like they’re living the brand, whether they’re in store or viewing it from their mobile phone or tablet. I think this is absolutely true, and when creating packaging we should be considering how we can use it to communicate with our consumers effectively.  

In order to engage the consumer, packaging must be designed so that it jumps off both the shelf and the screen. This can sometimes prove difficult when placed on a retailer’s website which has set templates and guidelines. Amelia Macdonald, our Marketing Account Director shares some great ideas on how best to set your packaging apart from the rest in her recent blog; from pack shape, design and colour, to navigation with the likes of 360 browsing and other e-tail ideas.

The most interesting aspect for me, when we talk about customer experience, is moving beyond how the pack looks and stands out, to how it behaves once it reaches our homes. Julie talks about packs adding themselves to our digital shopping list and letting us know when the contents go out of date, and even pushing relevant recipes to our tablets. The possibilities for packaging in the near future really are mind-blowing…