Movember's here... with moustache packaging

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First up, an iconic pack with an iconic shape.  With its signature tube and resealable lid, the Pringles can is a feat of packaging format too. You can be sure the time-honoured design will not only protect its precious potato cargo, but also keep it fresh too. But what would Pringles be without the mysterious, moustachioed man that adorns each can?  


HP Sauce

HP Sauce’s partnership with Movember continues for the fifth year running and it’s a great example of a brand using their packaging for a good cause. HP’s latest iteration is a little different from its previous efforts. This time it is sporting a caricature of real-life moustache champion Dave Wardrope, winner of HP’s completion for best upper-lip accessory. Lucky Dave and his impressive whiskers can be found on two million bottles across British supermarkets.


Burly bread (designed by Jackie Lehman)

Along with pulled pork, you can’t go far without being offered artisan bread at the moment. With a good dose of humour, this packaging design does a fantastic job of channelling both craftsmanship and deliciousness. With the logo toasted on the end piece too, it proves that branding certainly isn’t limited to on-pack space. 


Moustache paintbrush packaging by Simon Lalib (concept)

This concept from French-Canadian designer Simon Laliberté demonstrates ingenious harmony of packaging and product. It goes without saying that paintbrushes have bristles, but it takes a sharp designer’s mind to use this mundane detail creatively. The project title, ‘poilu’, is more than appropriate too. Not unlike the British ‘tommy’‘poilu’ is an informal term for a French soldier in World War One meaning, literally, hairy one

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Moustache Brewing (design)

What’s more hipster than craft beer? It comes as no surprise that this New York-based microbrewery decks out its bottles with a big curly moustache. Nonetheless, the chaps behind the brand seem to have the right idea, constantly changing their beers “to highlight fresh locally grown ingredients.” We’re glad to see the humble mo making a difference! 

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