Last-minute Mother’s Day gifts – time to get creative...

* 1 min read

We’ve all been there. Caught short on Valentines, empty-handed before a big birthday or even worse – the cold sweats and panic on Christmas Eve. But all of that pales into insignificance if you’ve had a memory lapse on Mother’s Day.

Fear not: the Sun Branding Solutions team has put its thinking cap on to come up with practical creative ideas for the odd few (ahem!) who find themselves empty-handed on Sunday morning.

Adding the personal touch

First off, how about getting crafty with breakfast in bed? It doesn’t take much to boil an egg – what really impresses is inventiveness and attention to detail.

Of course, breakfast isn’t the only opportunity to show off a little ingenuity. We’re a definitely loving these cute flowers, especially because they’ll be seen throughout the day.

Messages in a bottle

The same goes for the humble Mason jar. As any visit to Pinterest will reveal, the jar is having a real moment. Charming and functional in equal measure, they’re bound to be a hit with mum.


We couldn’t make a list of last-minute gifts without including the tried-and-tested homemade card. We’d steer clear of the macaroni in favour of much more creative options – finger print pictures are an undisputed classic, not to mention pop-ups and subtle tea bag messages.

And finally, if you’re really stuck for time, the personalised book mark will earn you year-round brownie points.