In the pink

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As we all know the colour is synonymous with one of the most successful and high profile charity campaigns – Breast Cancer Awareness Month and, like many offices and organisations across the country we at Sun HQ have done our part, wearing pink and baking a bounty of pink goods to raise money for the cause.

So why pink? Well without stating the obvious there is a femininity associated with the colour so it's a perfect fit from that perspective.  It also excludes a feeling of compassion and caring so little wonder that pink has strong affiliation with its cause.

However from a packaging perspective it shouts innocence; hence the reason why so many baby products can be found in various hues of the colour.

Interestingly it also has a sedating and relaxing quality, and some reports state that it's used in select prisons on cell walls to have exactly that effect.

girls pink boys blue 72 min

There has in some cases been a bit of a pink backlash when used to define gender with young children.  Pink for girls and blue for boys may soon become a thing of the past with more gender neutral options being used more and more by retailers to communicate products to this age group.

So where does all this leave pink for Breast Cancer Month – well as far as we are concerned – they own it, it's an attitude not just a colour so long may their pink reign continue.