If the spoon fits

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Ice cream is set to become an ever more popular year-round treat. With global freezer aisles bursting with a plethora of new, interesting brands offering something a bit different and pop-up parlours appearing in a location near you soon.

In the US revenue in the ice cream segment is expected to amount to $10,176m in 2019 and grow annually by 0.9%. In comparison in the UK, 2018 figures state £146.1m added to the ice cream market which pushed British supermarkets’ overall ice cream sales to over £1bn for the first time. This demonstrates positive growth however the bulk of global revenue is generated in the US, with the average annual spend per person coming to $30.92 US dollars. Ice cream innovators are cleverly addressing consumer lifestyle choices – be that healthy eating or veganism, with more established brands also responding. Take a look at our snapshot of global low calorie ice cream indulgence:


My/Mo Mochi ice cream from Japan is now selling fast in 12,000 US and Canadian grocery stores. It’s hand-held and naturally portion-controlled with only 110 calories.

My Mo mochi ice cream to hit 6 000 stores in September min

Ben & Jerry’s Moo-phoria

Apparently aimed at ‘fans who can’t be trusted with a pint of Ben and Jerry’s’, these ‘light’ ice cream tubs are free of artificial sweeteners and sugar alcohols and contain 60 – 70 percent less fat and 35 percent fewer calories than traditional ice creams.

npf low fat ben jerry photo minBreyers Delights

Unilever launched a super-low-calorie brand last year containing up to 20g of protein, less sugar and just 35 calories per scoop, but with the same indulgent feel as your typical ice cream as it’s made with fresh cream.


Halo Top

Halo Top’s low calorie US ice cream, which uses organic stevia and erythritol (a sugar alcohol that's not supposed to affect blood glucose or cause bloating) is now the UK’s sixth largest tub brand after hitting UK stores last January. The brand has just launched ice cream bars in the US which contain between 50 and 60 calories, made for snacking.

HaloTop Products


Jessica Levison, owner of Serendipity Creamery & Yogurt Café in Miami Florida asked herself “Wouldn’t it be rad if veggies tasted like ice cream?”. From this, she created Peekaboo, which infuses ‘hidden’ vegetables to make it easier to get some greens into your diet. Remarkably you can’t see or taste the veggies but they are just as powerful in delivering their health benefits.


Combining health and indulgence is a difficult task, but with wellness taking ever more of a precedence in our lives, its important that brands (especially sweet treats) take initiative to adapt their products into consumer lifestyles.