From runway to retail: how London Fashion Week is set to inspire packaging design

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London Fashion Week 2016 will no doubt be remembered for the definitive democratisation of fashion by digital natives. Leading the way was Burberry, with its innovative ‘runway-to-retail’ concept, meeting consumers’ insatiable appetite for real-time experiences, products and information. Whilst we’re still digesting the impact of this business-first approach to fashion as well as the impeding implications of post-Brexit Britain, we turn our attention to our top three game-changing looks as an inspiration for packaging design.

1. Delicate Flowers

It’s all coming up microflorals for a nostalgic English country garden feel. This exquisite detailing finds an unexpected, but very beautiful match in food and drink packaging.

botub min

2. Brazilian Carnival

We’ve gone bananas for this riot of colour inspired by Rio’s famous celebrations. This tropical wave is a veritable feast for the eyes and is a match made in heaven for beauty and homeware.

Rio min

3.Pastel Goth

Once known as Rainbow Riot Grrls, Pastel Goth has been given the high fashion treatment with sharp angles and delicate detailing taking it mainstream. Gentle features combined with a sharp dangerous edge makes this look spot on for Halloween.

Pink min