Five tips to getting spot-on marketing copy every time

* 2 min read

Are you a stickler for semi colons? Evangelical about ellipses? Today is your day. It’s National Punctuation Day and to celebrate, we’re sharing our top five tips on what makes for great copy on packaging. Starting with:

1. Get the basics right

Today is all about punctuation, so we can’t leave it off the list. Marketing copy on packaging often features a lot of inclusions, so make sure you’ve got commas in the right place, know when a semi-colon is needed and where you could use hyphens or ellipses to add emphasis. But only use punctuation where it’s really necessary, so it doesn’t end up looking like your tomato sauce “allegedly” contains tomato. 


2. Think customer, then category, then brand

Any packaging copy should start with what the customer needs to know, so make sure you understand who they are and why they’re buying this product. Then apply category cues; the information they’ll expect to get on this particular product (for example, provenance on meat, reassurance on nappies, taste and texture on desserts). Wrap all this in your brand tone of voice last, to make sure you’re communicating your point of difference, while still giving shoppers the information they need.


3. Work with your designers

There’s no point crafting a beautiful piece of long-form copy if it won’t fit on pack, plus it’s harder to edit down something you’ve worked hard to get right than write to fit in the first place. Speak to your design team as early in the process as possible so you know what they’re thinking and they know what messages absolutely must be included.

4. Keep it legal

If you’re writing for packaging regularly, it’s a good idea to get some legal labelling training (click here to find out about the courses we run). If you’re working with an internal compliance team, make sure you work closely with them throughout the design process so your message isn’t diluted at final sign off

5. Turn your pack into a story

Studies show that it’s pack shape, colour and location that drives a purchase in store, but that doesn’t mean copy doesn’t matter. Once a customer gets your product home, that’s when they truly start to engage with your messaging, so copy plays a really important part in building brand loyalty. Think where you can create an emotional connection through copy, and not just front of pack. 


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