Catch up on some summer reading with our top 5 blogs so far

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You can learn a lot about what goes in to creating powerful brands and design just by looking at what’s going on in the world. And as 2016’s hardly been slow on the news front, we definitely haven’t been short of inspiration.

But if you missed the key headlines, we’ve pulled together our five most read articles of the year so far.

1. What will Brexit mean for packaging?

For many Brexit means uncertainty and it’s a similar picture for the packaging industry. We enlisted two experts, our head of regulatory, Phil Dalton and our packaging technology director, Gillian Garside-Wight to help us form a clearer image.

The pair focussed on two different areas: labelling and sustainability. Now that we are really leaving the EU, their predictions are even more pertinent. As Phil and Gillian make clear – and the media fallout has emphasised – it’s not going to be an easy process, with plenty of work to be done as we make our slow and complicated departure.

To read what our experts had to say, find the full blog here.


2. The heroines who motivate our leaders

This year we marked International Women’s Day by asking some of our senior female figures who motivates them. The influences were both mixed and interestingly, all family relations.

For Gillian Garside-Wight, our packaging technology director, her motivation derives from the belief that you can excel at any profession or activity whatever your gender – a philosophy instilled in her by her mother – but also nicely summarised in a quote from J K Rowling which Gillian shares with us here.

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3. How Bacardi delivers a consistent brand experience across the world

Every product follows a journey. From initial concept to the customer's hand, an enormous amount of thought and work is put into every stage. That’s why we launched SUNrise, product and artwork management software system – to help join up the different points in this journey.

As part of our webinar on SUNrise, we were fortunate enough to hear from Rickard Antblad, Program Director for Product Lifecycle Management at Bacardi.

He talked about how Bacardi has been unifying people, process and technology throughout the product lifecycle, providing some useful take away points, all of which you can read more about here.

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4. Packaging Innovations 2016. What's next for the packaging industry?

The Packaging Innovations show always provides plenty of food for thought, whether it’s listening to big brand name talks, discovering a new start-up, or checking out the latest tech and innovation.

This year Innocent’s packaging operations manager, Graham Fox, kicked off proceedings by discussing what’s next for the packaging industry, touching on factory production lines, automation and efficiencies of scale. Combine this with sessions such as that between Little Fingers Organic Baby Food and our own Kate Fischer, and there was plenty to take away.

Here, in a nutshell, is what we took away from the show.

little fingers

5. What brands can learn from Pokémon Go

Young and old, Pokémon Go has got everybody talking. We’ve all jumped on the bandwagon, but with its ever-expanding user base, Pokémon’s comeback is the real deal. This time round the franchise is here to stay.

Its tremendous audience is just one reason why Pokémon Go has so much business potential. American software development company Niantic, who is behind the app, has really nailed augmented reality with the game’s interface. In our piece we took a close look at Pokémon Go’s nostalgic appeal, how its innovative use of AR applies to packaging design and why brands should take note. Read it here.

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