Best - and worst - of this summer’s packaging

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From mini Marmite and travel friendly cotton swabs, to CK One's Summer small makeup palette and Moet & Chandon releasing its limited edition summer-look screen printed bottle, we’ve certainly seen diversity in packaging this summer. Here’s our pick of five we loved… and a few that didn’t hit the mark for us.

We love…

Marmite 70g pots

Whether you love it or hate it, miniature marmite that you can fit into your hand luggage to spruce up those notoriously bland in-flight carbs is as practical as it gets. Not only that, it certainly separates the lovers from the lovvvvers! It’s these innovations that keep iconic packs like Marmite relevant and fun for every market. 

Cleon travel-friendly cotton swabs

Like Marmite, these little swabs address a practical problem all you cotton bud users out there will relate to. The tips get dirty quickly as they roll around the bottom of your wash bag. These cotton buds are neatly packaged in a fully sealed paper booklet, which almost makes one of the less pleasant grooming experiences in life that bit less of a chore. Almost.

Mac Wash & Dry collection

Well known for its limited edition and collectable product lines, this Mac summer collection steps away from its signature black colourway. With each product showing a beautiful shimmering metallic colour spectrum, it oozes Ibiza sunsets and hazy summer evenings. This definitely gets Sun’s seal of summer approval.

CK One summer

Think Maldivian beach and this CK One summer bottle is right there, with its blue, turquoise and sandy tones. The bottle design shows a subtle ripple effect mimicking waves lapping onto the shore and you could imagine panning down a little further to see your toes dipping into the warm water. This packaging sells itself on shelf before you even smell it – we reckon it was a big hit in Duty Free this year.

Stella Artois cans for Cannes Film Festival

Surely one of the best cans of all time, this beautifully created pop art style series for Stella Artois is an inspirational concept where storytelling and design meet seamlessly. Four different designs each show a quarter of a story that happened somewhere in Cannes - of course. With accidents, chases, drama, romance, fast cars and even a helicopter, the can designs together make up a storyboard for a thrilling action drama set on the French Riviera. Better still, the fact the story is divided onto four cans means that, naturally, you have to collect all of them. “So that’ll be four Stellas please, waiter.”

Not so great…

Moet & Chandon stripy bottle

Although this year’s limited edition Moet bottles conjure up images of poolside umbrellas, deckchairs and nautical adventures, you couldn’t add innovation to that list. There’s no doubt these bottles will stand out on shelf and spark the attention of all those summer picnic goers looking for bubbles, but from a packaging design perspective it’s a bit  brash for something as sophis as champagne. Moet should be embracing its luxury heritage with a more subtle design; iconic summer paraphernalia etched into a traditional-looking bottle for example. We’re just not feeling this one, but look forward to next year’s limited edition. Mini Moet housed in a rubber ring? Now there’s an idea!

Kronenbourg 1664 summer packaging

As much as we love subtlety in design with the hops illustrations, these Kronenbourg cans just don’t stand out as limited summer editions. It’s subtle… just way too subtle. Kronenbourg needs to take a leaf out the book of its French rival, Stella Artois, with its exciting Cannes Film Festival can designs, and create a summer splash that’s collectible, innovative and really grabs the imagination at one of the booziest times of the year.

We’d love to know which summer packs you rated, and why – tell us all…