Back-to-school lunchbox fillers

* 2 min read

We were rubbing our hands together with the prospect of crafting our dream back-to-school lunchbox – with a packaging theme. Here was a chance to catch up on packaging innovations for a significant time of year, not to mention a chance to indulge in some childhood favourites (remember Babybel cheese, anyone?).

But a trawl around the supermarkets was a bit of a disappointment, certainly on the innovation front. Of course things have changed in the past decade when it comes to packaging for snack sizes and lunch boxes, but the usual noise around back-to-school seems limited to uniforms and stationery this year. One reason could be the fact that the packs are pretty functional as they are. So here’s our picks of what makes for a good back-to-school packaging lunchbox – let us know what we’ve missed?


Who could forget this iconic circular pack? Coated in an ingenious peelable wax casing, this cheese is a real delight to unveil. 

Petits Filous Pouch Yoghurt

Creative, functional and healthy too, Petits Filous delivers a winner here. The only lunch-box filler that really struck us as innovative, the pouch and sturdy screwcap are a great combo. Kids can get the most out of their yoghurt and parents can be safe in the knowledge they won’t be covered in mess.

Mini Digestives

You can’t really go wrong with these little biscuits. In the same vein as America’s animal crackers, they add the bit of fun kids desire at lunchtime. But we can’t help but think they could be packaged in a more creative way?

Nutella & Go!

These Nutella breadstick pots are designed perfectly for maximum spread-to-bread ratio. The foil lid shows exactly what awaits once it has been peeled back.

Cheesestring Spaghetti Cheese 

We’re not sure about the move towards ready peeled cheesestrings. Although it is the quickest way to satisfy your craving for string cheese, the warning 'children may require supervision when eating' makes us think this is not an ideal lunchbox filler.

Dairylea dunkers

Simple and effective. With the cream cheese and the dunkers safely housed and ready to go, what more could you ask for?

Innocent Smoothies for Kids

The playful scribbles over the logo and apple image to pierce through make these smoothies perfect for lunch boxes. It’s a great one for kids with fun facts and games on the back of each one. Still, nothing majorly innovative here.