Are you ready to change labels?

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Retailers and brands are changing labels. Not just for the Food Information Regulations (FIR), but the new regulations alongside events in 2013 have stirred up something that has been due for sometime...

Stand in a supermarket and look at the conflicting health advice and label information displayed on different brands of packaging.

From a customers point of view, this bombardment of different messages and message styles is far from ideal. Confusion creates mis-trust and can be worrying. Customer confidence and trust has taken a few blows over the past year and the challenge now is… how can it be rebuilt?

"Confusion creates mis-trust and can be worrying"

Enter the humble Marketer… trying to overcome obstacles such as the horsemeat scandal whilst also under pressure to meet other demands such as promoting a healthier lifestyle to customers in product, body and mind.

The horsemeat scandal is still very much in the memories of consumers and also the media. The damage has been done and there are lessons to be learnt. A survey by consumer watchdog Which? revealed that trust in the food industry fell by a quarter following the horsemeat crisis.
In order to avoid being tangled in a horsegate situation, clear supply chains are essential. Visibility across your supply chain needs to be achieved to allow you to pull the information you need to, when you need to.

"...clear supply chains are essential"

Having a clear supply chain is easier than you think. is a software tool which collects, manages and distributes product information such as specification details, nutritional data and packaging information. Freeing time to tackle the other priorities that can't always be automated.

The old saying of 'work smarter, not harder' gains new relavence when scandals in the industry surface. The aftermath of scandals such as the horsemeat of 2013, does provide valuable lessons that shouldn't be brushed under the carpet.