A sneaky peak at the Wildman Pig

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Chris Wildman has had a busy few months…with his Town End Farm Shop featuring in Tom Kerridge’s ‘Top of the Shop’ BBC2 series and he’s still finding time to develop the Wildman brand with us.

Chris Wildman was the clear winner of our “Win a brand competition” which saw him win £10,000 worth of brand development and if you’ve been watching the ‘Top of the Shop’ programme on BBC2 you will understand why. With his Town End Farm Shop based near Malham Cove in the Yorkshire Dales featuring heavily during the programme, it was an opportunity for us to help Chris highlight his own special quality products made using years of experience as butchers and graziers.

Chris has spent time with our experts who have got ‘under the skin’ (no pun intended) of what makes his products so unique and to help tell his story via his packaging.  Developing the strategy behind the Wildman brand resulted in our creative teams donning wellies on the farm to really understand the history, heritage and crafting required to produce his handmade cured meats, charcuterie and Yorkshire chorizo. While exploring and celebrating the brand, our team have even inspired Chris to explore future innovation in the form of other exciting product offerings and pack formats, watch this space!

WildPig min

So take a look at the latest addition to the Wildman family album…a sneaky preview of a beautiful illustration we’ve commissioned which captures the character of Chris’s prize Oxford Sandy and Black pigs, set within the beautiful backdrop of Malham Cove. The illustration itself was created by carefully hand-carving the unique scene into English Boxwood and printing onto specialist paper stock through a 160 year-old hand press. The time, care and attention to detail demonstrated by our team of designers, brand strategists and experts marries perfectly to the skill and passion which goes into creating each hand-made Wildman product.

PW Oxford Sandy Black pig min 3