5 coffee innovations to tempt your taste buds

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We drink over 2.25 billion cups of coffee in the world every day. With reported health benefits such as boosting metabolism, helping prevent Alzheimer’s, as well as lowering the risk of depression highlighted in recent years which has helped attribute to market growth.

The increase in demand has resulted in various combinations of new and exciting types of the brew, which are set to conquer the market this year and some innovative coffee offers targeting the healthier and more conscious coffee consumer. Whether its coffee with eggs or activated carbon, there is something out there to suit every taste. Brands need to be aware that society’s attitude has changed towards sustainability and quality and the fastest growing demographic of coffee drinkers globally is the 13 to 18 year old age group. As a result of this rapid growth, the coffee industry is changing and creating new drinks that appeal to the needs and tastes of the younger generations, here are a few of our favourite brews to look out for.

Mushroom Coffee

Crafted to give an earthy taste as well as offering multiple health benefits; from a rich source of vitamins through to helping regulate blood sugar levels. The coffee is made using mushrooms that are picked, dried and then ground into a powder. One brand particularly is pioneering the fungi beverage, Four Sigmatic, a Finnish coffee company claim their java: “boosts brain power and increase productivity without the side effects that some people experience from regular coffee (in some cases insomnia and exacerbated anxiety).”

Mushroom Coffee2

Goth Latte

Popping up on cafe menus across the UK, Australia, and Japan, this dark-as-night drink is rapidly gaining popularity. Active carbon gives this coffee specialty a striking jet-black colour which offers further appeal to Instagram addicts. What is more, carbon binds toxins and bacteria and is proven to have a detoxing effect on the digestive system, in other words will combat bloating and increase energy levels.

goth2Nitro Coffee

Not new but still evolving, the base is a cold brew, which is generally mixed with nitrogen via a beer pump. This results in a refreshing coffee drink with a fine-beaded texture. And a head that can compete with a pint of Guinness. It is only logical that the drink is served in the matching beer glass.

NCEgg Coffee

What sounds like an acquired taste is a classic in Vietnam. Here coffee is served with a topping made of raw egg yolk and sweetened condensed milk and comes with the slogan: "eyes closed and bottoms up". Paradoxically, the creamy combo is reminiscent of tiramisu and is especially suited to those with a sweet tooth. Thankfully for the rest of the world you can now also find Egg Coffee outside Asia, there are also tons of recipes online too, so if you’re feeling brave enough you can attempt to make your own.


Blue Pea Flower Coffee

Again, worthy of Instagram and looking more like a cocktail than a coffee, it's colourful, expressive, and delicious. The coffee is an espresso drink and what creates the vibrant blue and purple colour is pea flower protein. It can be found at Starbucks, which in Asia is currently testing a variety of the drink mixed with  lemonade and cold brew. Just the thing for those who want to be as visually satisfied as their taste buds will be.