Sustainability…don’t stand still

Is plastic packaging your friend or foe?  Are you making sustainable decisions that will retain your customers and attract new ones?  Sustainability is high on every agenda and an opportunity for brands and retailers to make a difference to the planet and your bottom line.

In our latest whitepaper we highlight how you can educate consumers and what you as brands can do to make a difference.

Featuring industry insight and opinions from our experts as well as inspiring examples, it will provide an informative and educational perspective which will encourage you to change your world and act now.

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So, why now?

The coverage of marine plastic on the recent BBC documentary ‘Drowning in plastic’ and the Blue Planet ‘David Attenborough effect’ has driven a broader understanding of the need for more sustainable packaging, with 54 per cent of shoppers saying Blue Planet II inspired them to make changes to support the environment. You have a part to play.  Your customers want change, don’t stand still.

Get ready...

…for the long haul.  Driving change is difficult even when consumers are willing to pay more for environmentally-friendly packaging. Education is key and changing ingrained behaviour may take time and is unlikely to be instantaneous. 

Change your focus

We’ve refreshed the old eco mantra of ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’ which by its very definition, is unsustainable. We explain more about how our new frame of reference – Relevance, Responsibility and Rediscovery can close the loop and help you have a positive impact for the long-term.

Start now

We all have a part to play; at work with the decisions we make and at home with the actions we take. Look at your brand and consumer through a variety of lenses, from multiple vantage points and align your activities with what matters most to your customer, your brand and your business. Don’t wait, we can help steer you in the right direction.

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