Age repackaged - How brands can benefit from an ageing population

Today there are more than 11.6m over 65s in the UK, holding 80 per cent of the nation’s wealth, and outnumbering the under 65s three to one.

Its a growing market, and one which brands are not yet equipped to serve. What can we learn about the over 65s that could inform more relevant product and packaging design that appeals to everyone?

This whitepaper shares insight from a diverse mix of experts, focusing on what our ageing population wants and needs and why developing by demographic just doesn’t work these days.

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Future opportunities

Age shouldn't define you; demographic is no indication of mindset. An ageing population presents many challenges for brands, marketers and designers, but along with those challenges come opportunities to not just engage the older generation, but everyone.

Expert trend advice

Industry experts offering their chief advice and top level statistics. Key contributions from Georgina Lee, Founder of The Age of No Retirement, Neil Nugent, Executive Chef of product development at Iceland, and Sun Branding Solutions very own Sonia Whiteley-Guest and Guy Douglass.

Key Insight

Design with older people in mind that's resulted in better results for everyone. Older people don’t necessarily feel old. They definitely don’t want brands to make them feel old. And they don’t want to be talked down to. The retailers who are getting this right are finding ways to engage without shouting about age.

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