Everything will come in plain white boxes

It might seem like online shopping is growing at an exponential rate, with new formats, new technology and new functionality emerging every day.

But in reality, in-store sales still account for 95 per cent of all retail experiences worldwide, and 15 per cent in the UK.

In this whitepaper, we shed new light on eight myths surrounding online shopping, with key contributions from Leeds Beckett University Retail Institute and futurologist David Smith.

Will everything soon come in plain white boxes? Or is brand loyalty still alive and well?

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Future technology

Some projections put AR and VR investment in retail at close to $30 billion by 2020, from almost nothing today. Is virtual reality shopping really the future? We consider technological advancements in VR, as well as Haptic technology, and what influence this could have on the world of e-commerce.


Expert insight

Will online shopping soon overshadow bricks and mortar retail – or even become our only option? We draw from futurologists, academics, tech specialists and packaging design experts to drill down into some of the burning questions surrounding online shopping.

Digital transformation

Omnichannel is undoubtedly the future, but with many brands trying to clumsily merge their existing channels, as opposed to resetting and creating a true omnichannel experience, brands and retailers are feeling challenged to look at their brand experience across multiple platforms, as one journey, through the eyes of their consumers. We examine how to build a truly omnichannel offer.

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