Sustainability Policy

Our Statement

Sun Branding Solutions recognises its responsibility for the environment and continues to work hard to minimise the impact we all have on our planet. Not only will Sun Branding Solutions comply with all legislation, regulations and appropriate codes of practice relating to the activities of the company, it will also commit that by 2021 it will deliver:

  • ZERO WASTE TO LANDFILL without effect on the products and services delivered to its clients
  • All sites ACCREDITED WITH ISO 14001


This policy applies to all Sun Branding Solutions sites in the UK and Europe. Where colleagues are on-site with a client, the company will ensure all colleagues follow the clients Environmental Policy and where possible, adhere to and contribute to the company commitment and targets.

Our Policy

The targets set for 2021 will be achieved by ensuring there is the opportunity to reduce, re-use and recycle as much as possible to minimise the impact on our environment.

  • Paper and card will not only be recycled but the business will use recycled and renewable materials in place of virgin materials where possible
  • Kitchen waste will be separated and recycled or composted accordingly
  • IT and office equipment / furniture will be offered to colleagues or recycled
  • Single use water bottles and coffee cups will not be used in the business, re-usable cups / bottles will be provided therefore reducing waste
  • Colleagues will be encouraged to re-use paper, card and consumables prior to recycling, either in work or at home through a ‘Project Corner’
  • Single use water bottles and coffee cups will not be used in the business, reducing waste
  • Consumption of raw materials, water and fuels will be reduced
  • Actively reduce the impact on the environment through a robust travel guide including car share benefits and road/rail/air travel options
  • All waste products will be reduced with zero waste to landfill

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Doing the right thing for our business, our people and our planet

The company will foster environmental awareness and understanding in all colleagues, suppliers, subcontractors, clients and other stakeholders. This will be achieved through a robust education programme providing our colleagues and their families with the knowledge and understanding to make informed decisions on the impact they may have on the environment. We will endeavour to extend this education programme to a wider audience as the company believes it has an obligation to impact change where ever possible. Where practical, the company will also provide information and assistance to clients on environmental issues.

To deliver on these commitments will require great commitment and effort from all, along with a strong and comprehensive plan, robust processes and stringent procedure. Improvement will be continuous and the company will report on its progress against its goals and objectives on a quarterly basis.

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Contacting Us

If there are any questions regarding this sustainability policy, you may contact us using the information below.
Albion Mills

Bradford, West Yorkshire BD10 9TQ

United Kingdom